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Welcome BFB's premier product with our signature Leaf Lather formula. This super soluble, crop cleaning, bottle of beauty will be an essential part of your garden maintenance regiment in no time. When used as a foliar spray, BFB Leaf Lather fortifies and feeds your plants, all while keeping em squeaky clean. Hand crafted in small batches in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Leaf Lather is made with all-natural, premium quality ingredients which are guaranteed not to disappoint. The pinnacle of pest and pathogen prevention! Try it today. Power to the people and the plants!

Leaf Lather

PriceFrom $9.98
  • Dilute 5-15 mL per Liter 

    Mix well.

    Foliar spray in late evening/early morning or during lights out. For best results, apply to entire plant including underside of leaves and stalks. Can be used with other pesticides. Store in a cool place, never use undiluted. Always wear eye protection. Keep away from children.

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