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JR Cervecero is a multi-purpose plastic pressure fermenters designed and manufactured by Johnny Rich Corporation which can be use for producing wine, beer, champagne, mead and fermented food. This multi-purpose pressure fermenter is designed for both home and small scale commercial brewing.

JR Cervecero Multi-purpose Pressure Fermenters are all singly hand fabricated to ensure it meets all safety requirements and leak test are conducted to prevent leakage issues, each fermenter comes with a Certificate of Authenticity From Johnny Rich Corporation. Buyers can check the product authenticity by scanning the QR Code on your at the back of your certificate or by entering the certificate number at

Fermenting beer inside a closed vessel, which is then pressurized. Beer can be carbonated either naturally or by force. There might not be enough carbon dioxide in traditional fermentation to carbonate the beer, especially if brewer perform second fermentation because gases escape during the transferring process.

So brewers force carbonate their beer by pumping CO2 into their second fermentation container. With pressure fermentation, it saves you the hassle of transferring your beer and needing multiple vessels. You can also save up on CO2 because you can naturally carbonate your beer with the help of a pressure relief valve.

JR Cervecero Multi-purpose pressure fermenter ferments your beer at 15 psi. All excess CO2 will be released keeping the right amount of CO2 in the vessel to carbonate your beer. This multi-purpose pressure fermenter is a complete set, NO OTHER ACCESSORIES ARE REQUIRED. Buy and start brewing. Get fresh tasty beer in just 5 days

For those who are particular about the clarity of the beer, you can do secondary fermentation using a close transfer. Additional CO2 or force carbonation will be optional in this case depending how the close transfer is being done.

JR Cervecero Multi-purpose pressure fermenter MIGHT get dent during transit but it does not affect all its functions.

Barrel Material: high density polyethylene (food grade)

This kit includes:

1x Barrel

1x Safety Pressure Relief Valve (15 psi)

1x Analogs Pressure gauge

For more product support please visit for more information

50 Liter JR Cervecero Multi-purpose Pressure Fermenter

SKU: 3877099233-1701171349311-0
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